Kris Jenner pranks fans with her own #Krissed meme by announcing herself as a presidential candidate

Kris Finally Jumped On Board TikTok's #Krissed Meme In The Funniest Way

We all just got #Krissed by the master.

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Did you have Kris Jenner running for president on your 2022 bingo card? In a surprising TikTok on June 24, the momager seemingly made the big announcement, only to fool everyone with a hilarious twist ending. Posing in front of a bold blue background with her arms crossed, Jenner looked determined to get your vote. Large white and red letters read “Kris Jenner 2024 Presidential Candidate” — you read that right: presidential candidate. While it wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity has expressed plans to run for president, running the country don’t seem to actually be in Kris Jenner’s plans. Before things got too serious, the presidential poster abruptly switched to a video of Kris dancing to a chipmunk-like rendition of “Lady Marmalade.” Yup — Kris Jenner is finally in on the #Krissed meme that’s been taking over TikTok, and she knew exactly how to use it.

Bait-and-switch pranks are endless on the internet, most famously Rick Rolling. The classic prank feels almost like a rite of passage because everyone has been Rick Rolled at least once in their life. Similar to Kris’ TikTok, the Rock Roll victim is lured in under false pretenses, usually something that’ll intrigue them enough to click, which is all it takes to follow through on the prank as they’re led to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” music video.

In 2022, Krissing is the new Rick Rolling. For months, TikTokers have been using that video of Jenner dancing to prank their followers, hitting them with the now well-known phrase, “You just got Krissed.” Of course, it was only a matter of time before Jenner herself learned of the trend and got in on it herself.

The best part of the meme is that it all started with Kendall and Kylie. In 2012, the duo posted a video to their joint YouTube account MsKendallandKylie of their “Kardashian Jenner Family Music Video.” In the hilarious home video, the Kardashian-Jenner clan sang along to the 2001 hit “Lady Marmalade.” There were costumes and choreography — what more could you ask for?

A decade later, the world got #Krissed. In a TikTok posted by @wandakardashian on June 8, the beginning of the video leads viewers to wonder what Pete Davidson could have done to Kim Kardashian based on the captions, but it quickly switches to a sped-up Kris Jenner shimmy-and-shaking to “Lady Marmalade” as seen in the original family music video.

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The meme has spread across the internet like wildfire and your For You page on TikTok likely agrees. Another celebrity might not laugh at memes of themselves, but Kris proved that she can roll with the meme and get the last laugh.