Kourtney Kardashian Just Shared A Completely Naked Picture On Instagram

Wanna get super jealous of Justin Bieber? Kourtney Kardashian just posted a nude pic of her butt on Instagram, and I guarantee it will give you levels of thirst you never thought possible.

Three children and several years with Scott Disick into life, and Kourtney Kardashian is still CRUSHING it. I  mean, look at this photo!

You're about to get dehydrated AF.

The picture, which was published by Vanity Fair, is part of Brian Bowen Smith's "Metallic Life" series. The series came out in October.

Not everyone is digging the shoot, though, as one Killjoy McKilljoyerson commented on the post:

Listen, you're entitled to have your beliefs. Opinions are like buttholes, after all... It just so happens Kourtney's opinions are wicked hawt.