Kit Harington Reveals The Worst 'Game of Thrones' Fan Theory He's Heard


Jon Snow may know nothing, but Kit Harington has his ear to the ground and picks up all the insane fan theories Game of Thrones fans throw out there.

Now, most of those fan theories actually make pretty convincing cases, citing evidence in the book and television series to support an argument that just seems to make sense. Fans have picked up on clues foreshadowing the reveal of Jon Snow's actual parentage, the person who will kill Cersei, and many more future moments.


But for every golden, convincing fan theory, there's a truly terrible one. Take it from Kit Harington, the man who's probably heard more fan theories about his character than anyone. During a recent appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, Harington revealed the very worst theory he's ever heard from a GoT fan.

The fan told Harington he thought the show would end with a shot of Jon Snow's direwolf Ghost, and then it would be revealed that the whole Westerosi high fantasy realm fans have closely followed for eight seasons was actually nothing more than a dog's dream.

Yep — none of it happened. It was all just inside the head of a dog, who was taking a nap while waiting for his owner to come home from work.

Could you imagine how pissed Game of Thrones fans would be if the show ended by telling them this whole, intricate wartime drama was just a dog's dream!?

The bad fan theory is akin to other famous series finales that incorporated last-minute dream reveals. Shows such as Roseanne and St. Elsewhere chose to end their series runs by revealing a character had dreamed up the whole plot, and both finales are commonly reviled by fans, who felt cheated by the curt, off-tone endings.

Luckily, I feel pretty safe in assuming Game of Thrones will do something a lot more ambitious with its finale than just film a dog waking up.