Kit Harington Judged Some Frighteningly Accurate Jon Snow Impersonations (Video)

This Sunday will bring a close to the fifth season of "Game of Thrones," even though it feels Bran Stark fell from that tower just yesterday.

Winter is coming, folks, and thanks to “Hardhome,” we all know what’s coming with it.

This season has been filled with more ups and downs than one of Princess Shireen’s -- may she rest in peace -- stories, but one constant has been the rise and influence of Jon Snow.

The Lord Commander ascended to new heights in season five, so it should come as no surprise actor Kit Harington is rising in his celebrityhood as well.

Recently, Harington appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and shared tales from Castle Black and judged a Jon Snow impersonation contest.

These three impersonators would feel right at home in Westeros.