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Kim K Just Surprised Kylie By 'Ding Dong Ditching' A D*ck-Shaped Dessert (Video)


Reports are still coming in from Los Angeles, but here is what we do know: At some point yesterday Kim Kardashian West, joined by an unknown amount of accomplices, “ding dong ditched” a penis-shaped Rice Krispy Treat on Kylie Jenner's location.

In a video post uploaded to Snapchat, Jenner says Kim attempted to carry out this malicious act in anonymity, though her identity was compromised shortly after ditching the treat. She then warns Kardashian,

You're not foolin' no one, Kim. I know…

The transmission cuts off at that point. We obviously don't know for sure the end of that sentence, but we're going to assume it was,

… where you live and you will not spend a day of your life, from this one until the last, not reaping the seeds you sooo mistakenly sowed. Mark my words, sweet vengeance will be carried out. Justice and revenge  it will do you a universe of good to know thy name: Kylizzle. By the sword of our shared forefathers and the might of whatever god you claim to pray to, I will have my day of restitution. It will not be quick. It will not be merciful. It will not be anything like this world or the next has ever experienced.

Yeah, she probably said something like that after.

We will update as this story develops.