Kim Kardashian Reveals The Easy Trick She Uses To Keep Her Weight In Check

After giving birth to her second child Saint, Kim Kardashian managed to shed 70 pounds since December. But her intense fitness regimen isn't the only thing that helped her accomplish this great feat.

In a recent clip of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," the 35-year-old star reveals one particular fitness trick she uses to keep her body in shape -- and oddly enough historical novelist Ernest Hemingway did the same thing.

Weird, right?

It turns out Hemingway had weighed himself every morning and recorded his weight by writing it on the wall in his bathroom.

So, how did she even realize this? Kim was on a trip to Cuba with Kourtney and the rest of the crew when they decided to visit Ernest Hemingway's home in Havana.

The tour guide in the clip takes the Kardashians over to Hemingway's private restroom before showing them the writing on the wall -- literally. Each time he weighed himself, he made a note on the wall next to the scale.

Once Kim realized that she actually does the same thing, her fitness trick was no longer a secret.

Kim shouts,

That's like me!

Check out the clip above for a closer look.

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