Kim And Kanye May Switch Up Directions And Name Their Baby Boy 'Easton'

Kim and Kanye have spoken: The new baby's name will be Easton — well, according to a source who spoke with Daily Mail.

This news comes after Kim vehemently denied, on multiple occasions, she would name baby number two after a direction like she did her first child, North West.

According to a family friend, Kanye wanted to name the baby “East” as a followup to North West, but Kim wasn't into it.

On "The Big Podcast With Shaq," Kim said,

Why just add another direction? North is the best. I don't want to try to duplicate that with a lower direction, you know?

But according to the new source, Kim and Kanye finally compromised on "Easton," and now, the name is set.

The source told the Daily Mail,

Kourtney told a few girls at a Hidden Hills pool party last weekend that Kanye's favorite name by far is Easton, a name Kim wasn't hot on at first because Kanye liked simply 'East.' But, Kim came up with Easton, and for them, history was made. No doubt monogrammed baby bibs are being hand sewn as we speak….Mason [Disick] is already calling his auntie's belly 'Easton.'

Of course, all of this baby name gossip is unconfirmed, and we probably won't find out for sure until he's born.

Until then, let's just hope (if this rumor is true) Kim and Kanye change their minds.

Having a baby North and a baby Easton? That's a little ridiculous, even for them.

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