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Kim K Naturally Wants A Diamond Necklace As A Pregnancy 'Push Present'

Kim Kardashian West won't push that baby out of her body for anything less than thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.

Being pregnant is tough work; nobody denies that.

Perspective mothers give literally their entire beings to make sure babies are healthy and brought into this world safely. But what do they get in return, really?

The unmatched joy of holding their children for the first time?

Pfffftttt, good luck depositing that to Chase Manhattan.

Mothers deserve more than that for their services, hence the concept of the "push present," which is as literal a name for anything as you will ever find.

Kim K recently posted a blog to her website where she alerted her fans to the concept of getting a push present, saying,

Do you guys believe in a push present? I never did, but all of my friends do!!! We have the funniest e-mail chains discussing it. One friend got a special diamond ring she always wanted, and another friend got a new car! I like the idea of a push present — after nine months of pregnancy it's a sweet and well-deserved thank you. We women go through an entire pregnancy carrying a baby... of course it only makes sense that we get something amazing to show how amazing we are! LOL!

I would give $450,000 to be a part of that email chain.

Of course, Kim gets a push present and, of course, that push present is a $2,600 choker from Gabriela Artigas...

Gabriela Artigas

Or an $1,800 pendant from Jennifer Meyer...

Ylang 23

...or an $815 Anne Sisteron Bezel diamond ring.

Anne Sisteron

Feeling frugal, Kanye? Don't worry.

According to the post, you can still purchase your child back from the depths of Kim's womb for a Tiffany Diamond by The Yard Pendant ($550), a Sienna Diamond Crescent Necklace ($650), a Ariel Gordon Heart Silhouette Bracelet ($245) or a Guess Heather Choker ($78).


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