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Fans Are Calling Khloé A Hypocrite After She Ranted About Single-Use Plastic On IG

Khloé's got a point, but so do her critics.

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Khloé Kardashian is getting backlash for her latest Instagram Story. On Monday, June 7, the star shared a video reminding everyone about the importance of eliminating single-use plastics in their everyday lives. Her message was inspired by recent posts she’s been seeing of people pouring their plastic water bottles into reusable jugs. Unfortunately, Khloé Kardashian's Instagram about single-use plastics didn’t get quite the reaction she probably expected.

Kardashian began her speech by telling everyone to be mindful of the amount of plastic they waste daily. “There’s something that irks me is that I see people taking water bottles and they’re just pouring it into the gallon-size reusable plastic bottle so they can consume their water for the day,” Kardashian said. “That defeats the purpose because those water bottles are just going to go into a landfill somewhere and potentially cause pollution. We’re trying to limit our single usage of plastics, so I think people should just be aware of that. The point of this is yes to stay hydrated, but also to hopefully reduce all the pollution.”

The star offered an alternative for fans. She said instead of filling their jugs with plastic water bottles, they can purchase affordable filtration systems that attach to faucets or refrigerators because it’s more eco-friendly. “That is a lot smarter than buying cases of waters,” she said.

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Kardashian’s message was definitely valid, considering eliminating single-use plastic waste is a very important part of protecting the Earth and combatting global warming. Still, she may not have been the most effective messenger. Her plea missed the mark with many followers who criticized Kardashian for being guilty of wasting single-use plastics herself.

They said she’s shared photos on IG of her pantry filled with disposable plastics, as well as her house parties decorated with massive balloon displays. Not to mention, those events have almost always included massive flower arrangements.

“Khloé is really out here trying to shame her followers for using single-use water bottles when every party they throw looks like this. This girl is too much,” one user tweeted, alongside photos of Kardashian’s parties with walls of balloons.

Overall, fans felt Kardashian had a lot of nerve getting on a soapbox about single-use water bottles when she has a well-documented history of using other non-biodegradable materials that also negatively impact the environment in excess. Check out other reactions to Kardashian’s Instagram about single-use plastics below.

Kardashian has yet to respond to the criticism.