Khloé Kardashian Just Showed Us Her Nipple In This New Naked Picture

by Katie Corvino
Getty Images

If your mama or boss is standing right behind you, I suggest you stop reading... or, um tell him or her to gather around the screen because you're about to see Khloé Kardashian's NIPS.

Ever since Khloé got her "revenge body" back, she's been doing some sexy photo shoots showing off her new physique.

Khloé just blessed us with another photo shoot, but this time, she's butt naked and swimming in a pool.

She already shared with us some exclusive photos of her chilling on the edge, showing off her glittery badonkadonk in the moonlight, but KOKO'S GOT MORE.


Here's what Khloé had to say on her site about this NSFW shoot:

So you saw what happened when I was bored on vacation in St. Barth's: this impromptu photo shoot where I was fully nude and literally rolling my ass around in glitter, LOL!!!

HAHAHA, she's so funny. OK, she also wrote,

I promised to show you waaaay more pics so you know I had to let my app subscribers peep these first. Looking through these pics brings back amazing memories of laughing with my friends and family, so it's all positive vibes from me!!!

Merry Christmas, love Khloé.

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