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Khloé Kardashian Just Told Some People To 'Choke On My Nuts'

Petty motherf*ckers, I hope you're listening because Khloé Kardashian would like to have a word with you.

The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star went to Twitter to call out some of her haters. It looks like she isn't messing around because things got ugly real fast.

On Monday, Khloé posted this photo showing off her toned booty on Instagram.

She captioned the photo,

Shameless bathroom gym selfie.

Shortly after, Khloé tweeted about the "miserable peps" who were apparently commenting hurtful things on her page.

But wait, Khloé isn't done. This morning, she continued her rant on Twitter, but this time, she wasn't taking the nice route. The girl is f*cking pissed.

After telling haters to "choke on my nuts," Khloé also tweeted the word "Savage."

She also just posted a picture of her giving the finger on Instagram. That's for all you body shamers out there. Suck it.

She captioned the photo,

Forever my mood.

Good for you, Khloé.

Can everyone just hop off her dick and let the girl live?? Let's be real, she's hot AF.  Khloé ended her rant by retweeting this GIF, and I think it sums up her point pretty nicely.

Don't mess with the Koko unless you want your ass kicked.

*Editor's note:

According to a source, Khloé's most recent tweets telling "petty motherf*ckers"  to "choke on [her] nuts" were actually meant for commenters who are accusing Khloé of lying about baking her own pies for Thanksgiving.

Apparently, the pies were taken from Sweet Lady Jane's Bakery. You can read more about the update here.  I guess by "nuts" Khloé meant pecans?

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