Kevin Hart Annoys The Sh*t Out Of David Beckham In New H&M Campaign (Video)

David Beckham returned to H&M to rep the retailer's Modern Essentials collection, only this time, he's not alone.

In a new short created for the collection, comedian Kevin Hart trails the soccer superstar as he prepares to portray Beckham in a film.

A dedicated actor, Hart really devotes himself to the role, stopping at nothing to get close to Beckham.

In one scene, we see Beckham wake up at 4 am to find Hart eagerly waiting beside him in bed; in another, Hart mirrors Beckham's every move as they sit to read the morning newspaper.

Naturally, Beckham becomes annoyed as hell, but the chiseled model never breaks a sweat.

It's an uncharacteristically goofy advertisement for H&M, a brand entangled with a fashion industry that often takes itself entirely too seriously.

Check out the ad up top.

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