Kesha's Looking For A “Sugar Daddy” On Dating Apps

Go off.

Kesha is looking for a new kind of partner after her latest breakup. In an Oct. 11 interview with Cosmopolitan, the 36-year-old singer opened up about how her dating life has changed after being “dumped for the first time in my life.” Apparently, now that she’s single, Kesha’s on the lookout for a “sugar daddy.”

During the interview, Kesha explained that she rejoined dating apps after her most recent breakup. "I was just making my profile as I was driving here," she said. "Tinder — in fairness, never used it — it seems like where you go to get laid. That's a get laid app."

But Tinder’s not the only dating app on her phone. “Hinge and Bumble seem on par, like there might be some billionaires lurking in the shadows but you have to like kind of weed through,” she added. The only app she won’t consider? Raya. “I don't f*ck with Raya. I'm on all the others.”

Apparently, Kesha’s looking for “a sugar daddy or a baby daddy” on the apps, but would prefer one over the other. "I mostly want a sugar daddy. I just never had one, it sounds really fun. I know it's like anti-feminist of me but I want one, so DM me."

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That’s not all Kesha dished on. Talking about getting her heart broken, she said, “Can you believe it? We're all f*cked.” Though she hasn’t spoken much about her past relationships, Kesha’s last public relationship was with Riccardo Maddalosso, a producer known for his work on films like Armageddon Time and The Trial of the Chicago 7.

Kesha and Riccardo were spotted kissing in May. In a June cover story with Self, Kesha spoke briefly about their relationship, though she wouldn’t name any names. “I didn’t really want to mention the relationship, because I think making a family is everyone’s choice, and family can mean so many different things to everyone,” she said before adding, “But…he is amazing!”

According to Kesha, her boyfriend at the time did censor some of her skin care experiments. “The only thing I’ll say about my boyfriend is: Sometimes, he has to have a face cream intervention and take them away from me,” she added to Self.

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Before Riccardo, Kesha dated writer Brad Ashenfelter. They first got together in 2014 after Kesha’s stylist introduced them. In 2017, she told NPR that the song “Boots” was about him: “I used to have boys around the world, which I thought was very cool — and then all of a sudden my stylist introduced me to this guy named Brad and now I got him on lockdown and I love him. It's a young, fun, being-naked-in-your-boots, boogie love song.”

Per People, the couple was last spotted together in May 2021. Kesha hasn’t spoken directly about their breakup, but in an April 2023 Rolling Stone interview, the singer explained that her song “Too Far Gone” was about an ex — someone she still considered a friend — whom she had been secretly engaged to.