Kendrick Lamar Crashed A Wedding To Dap To Whitney Houston (Video)

"Swimming Pools" singer Kendrick Lamar crashed a wedding in Columbus, Ohio last month, where he tore up the dance floor with a couple buddies for quite some time before finally being recognized by a wedding guest.

When it comes to Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody," Kendrick just wants to dap with somebody. Watch him cut it up in the green hat in the scene revealed by TMZ below:

With hardly much action happening on the dance floor, one wedding guest gets suspicious of Kendrick and crew wiling out in their casual clothes.

Pop-quiz style, the snarky male wedding guest asks,

You guys are in this party? Who got married?

Clearly, Kendrick Lamar nor any of his friends had any idea who got hitched that fateful day in Ohio. They were just there for the Whitney.

As one of Kendrick's friends grabs a woman's hand and starts spinning, the wedding guest continues pestering them. Clearly annoyed, he prods,

Are you guys supposed to be in this party? I asked you a question ... Get the f*ck out!

Things might have escalated if it weren't for an unseen guest who stepped in and diffused the situation, having recognized the two-time Grammy Award winner.

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