Kendall Jenner Rubs Ice All Over Her Body In This Super Sexy Video

Getty Images

It may be 32 degrees on Kendall's ice cube, but it's SCALDING in the rest of this YouTube video.

Straight up, this is just an enjoyable clip of Kendall Jenner rubbing ice all over herself for Calvin Klein.

I'm not sure of the connection here among ice, pool parties, her wearing branded underwear and donning a jean jacket covered in melted ice, but whatever. It's fine.

You'll be too busy yelling, "HAGITA! HAGITA! AWOOOOOOOoooOOOOOoooGA! DADDY LIKES!

I'LL TAKE THAT SALISBURY STEAK TO GO WITH A SIDE OF DAYUMMMMMMMMMMM FRENCH FOYNNNNNS!!" to care about the specific reality this video lives in.

Just go with it. Imagination is meant to be suspended when it comes to Kris' kids.