Kate Hudson And Ellen Got Into Bed To Take Snapchats

This story of Kate Hudson and Ellen DeGeneres getting in bed together might sound like the scandal of the century, but have no fear, Portia, because they were only filming it the entire time.

OK, that came out wrong.

The two hopped in the sack to test out some Snapchat filters and Kate, I've got to say... you could hold a master class in how to snap.

While on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Kate was determined to show the daytime talk show host how to use this social media as hilariously as possible, saying,

I called my friends at Snapchat, and I have an Ellen and Kate filter.

Dang, Kate is well connected.

Then again, she is Kate Hudson. Even if I wasn't working at Snapchat, if Kate asked me to make a filter, I'd find a way.

Although my filter would probably end up looking like this.

Of course, the filter Kate mentions is just the two of them as literal peas in a pod.


Two peas? More like, I had TO PEE myself this is pure Snapchat gold.

OK, I didn't pee myself... until I saw this snap.

Kate's face is basically MFW there's free pizza around, and Ellen looks like if she had a daughter with Jay Leno. "YOU HEAR ABOUT THISTH?"

Then the two decided to do the Goofy-Voldemort filter. (Fine, it's not called that, but you just look me in the eye and tell me that's not what you see).

I wish someone would love me as much as Kate loves doing Snapchat.

Watch the entire bedtime Snapchat sesh above and feel really jealous that you can't snuggle up to Hudson and make some sweet, tender snaps.

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