Here's What Kanye West Thinks About The Charges Against Bill Cosby

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Kanye West has never been one to hold back his opinions; in fact, there's almost no topic he'll stray from commenting on.

The rapper and fashion designer took some time out of his busy schedule on Tuesday to tweet his thoughts on the controversial Bill Cosby case.

Quite succinctly (at least, for Kanye), he wrote:

Oh, well, OK.

It is true Cosby won't be charged by the Los Angeles district attorney, but that's not because he's been proclaimed innocent, it's because the statute of limitations has run out on the two sexual assault cases.

The comedian was, however, charged in Pennsylvania for the 2004 assault of former Temple University employee Andrea Constand.

No matter what happens with regard to the other 48 cases filed against Cosby, now we know Kanye's view on the matter.

You do you, 'Ye.