Super Bowl

Twitter Has Questions And *Thoughts* About Kanye In McDonald’s Super Bowl Ad

Um, I’m confused.


In 2018, Kanye West tweeted “McDonald’s is my favorite restaurant” and it looks like some serious manifestation happened, because Ye just starred in a McDonald’s Super Bowl commercial. The 30-second clip focuses on Micky D’s yummy menu choices and how sometimes, you don’t know what to order. Ye only shows up for a quick moment so you’re going to want to pay attention to these tweets about McDonald’s Super Bowl 2022 commercial with Kanye West.

The video kicks off with a customer pulling up through the drive-thru, and while the worker asks “May I take your order?” the customer is overwhelmed with the endless options and stumbles, saying, “Can I get an uhhh...” The pattern then repeats over and over, as various customers take a second to decide what they want.

Ye falls victim to this customer freeze as he pulls up in a SHERP and is dressed head-to-toe in black. He opens the door to place his order, only to utter, “Hey, can I get an uhhh...” before the ad cuts to another indecisive customer.

The rapper isn’t the only celebrity cameo the ad includes: Viewers can spot 23XI NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace and popular FIFA Twitch streamer Edwin Castro. And it was hard not to spot the iconic Mickey D character, Grimace, the cute purple creature that was used in the franchise’s marketing campaigns for years.

Check out the full ad below.

One other celebrity cameo you may have missed was the surprise voice of Ryan Reynolds as Grimace. In 2021, the Canadian actor made a special adult drink for the McRib’s 40th anniversary and requested that McDonald’s bring back the character of Grimace. It looks like the food company pulled through and had Reynolds voice the fan-favorite character. Reynolds confirmed his acting range via Twitter.

McDonald’s also shared a fun Super Bowl commercial last year that featured some pretty catchy tunes. The ad highlighted customers blasting and singing along to their favorite tunes as they picked up their favorite treats.

In addition to food, McDonald’s highlighted classic bops like 24kGldn’s “Mood,"J. Balvin’s “Mi Gente,” and Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire.”

One fan even commented on Ye’s IG status at the moment. On Super Bowl Sunday this year, the rapper deleted most of his pics and posted 17 pics on an array of topics, including Pete Davidson and Kim K, Hillary Clinton, and, of course, the football game. Ye also made it very clear that his account had not been hacked.

Clearly, Ye’s cameo inspired a lot of thoughts considering his busy day on social media. But among those thoughts... well, am I the only one who’s suddenly kind of hungry?