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Kameron Michaels made it clear she was not a fan of her 'All Stars 6' "Boom Clap" lip sync.

Kameron Said She Feels "Cheated" By Her All Stars 6 Lip Sync Return

She did not hold back at all.


There’s no denying that Kameron Michaels is one of the Drag Race queens most deserving of the lip sync assassin title, but her recent return to the show left fans a bit underwhelmed. And Kameron herself doesn’t disagree with the lukewarm reception. After her surprise return in Episode 9, Kameron Michaels responded to the All Stars 6 lip sync drama with an incredibly frank post stating she wishes she didn’t agree to go back.

Kameron was revealed as the week’s lip sync assassin at the end of the Drag Tots runway challenge, sashaying onto the stage in a regal, mint-colored gown. Tons of fans have been hoping for Kameron to return as an assassin, given her impressive track record of slaying pretty much every lip sync in the second half of Season 10, securing her spot in that season’s Top 3 based on her seemingly unbeatable performance abilities. Sadly, her All Stars 6 lip sync against Ra’Jah O’Hara to Charli XCX’s “Boom Clap” didn’t exactly live up to the hype. Although she was declared the winner, Kameron made it clear her performance didn’t live up to her standards in a since-deleted Instagram post.

“I am hurt, disgusted, and devastated by the entire situation. Call me dramatic, I don’t give a f*ck,” Kameron wrote. “Every girl looks forward to coming back and having their moment to shine. I feel cheated. And worst of all, I said yes and agreed to do it...which is something I have to deal with now and will take me a very long time to get over. If I could go back in time I never would have stepped foot on that stage. I know my worth and my talent and I feel like I was used for some quick cheap storyline.”

The “quick cheap storyline” is likely a reference to the elimination after the “Boom Clap” lip sync. As the winner, Kameron was tasked with revealing the group’s vote for who would go home, and that ended up being Eureka, her Season 10 sister and one of her closest friends.

After the lip sync aired, many fans and even fellow queens criticized the show’s song choice, arguing the mid-tempo “Boom Clap” is difficult to perform a high-energy lip sync to. The choice felt especially egregious since Charli XCX has plenty of more energetic songs, like the cult favorite “Vroom Vroom.” Fans even dug up a 2019 interview in which Charli XCX said she wanted to see “Vroom Vroom” performed as a Drag Race lip sync.

For her part, Ra’Jah O’Hara said she just didn’t vibe with the song and wasn’t fully prepared for the lip sync because she didn’t think she would win the challenge.

There have definitely been worse lip syncs in Drag Race history, so all in all, it doesn’t seem like a huge deal that Kameron and Ra’Jah didn’t get to show off their best performances possible this time — the fans still know they both can slay the stage when given a song that works for them. Just don’t expect to hear “Boom Clap” at a Kameron Michaels show anytime soon.

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