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That Viral Video Of Justin "Yelling" At Hailey Is A Big Misunderstanding

Not everything is what it seems.

Pierre Suu/GC Images/Getty Images

Beliebers are on the defensive. A clip of Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey Bieber, recently went viral on TikTok after some viewers believed the 27-year-old Justice singer was shouting at her while the duo was in Las Vegas. But now, a handful of Beliebers who saw the situation IRL are explaining what actually happened in that viral video of Justin “yelling” at Hailey.

If Justin and Hailey’s relationship is your fave, you were probably freaking out when rumors began to fly about the two seemingly having a ~very public~ argument while Justin was in Las Vegas for a performance at Kendall Jenner’s new controversial tequila brand, 818 Tequila’s, launch party. Sparking the speculation was a TikTok video by user @Yangeric23, which showed Justin and Hailey having an animated conversation while walking through a hotel lobby with their bodyguards. The original TikTok video racked up over 1.2 million views and is now deleted from the app (and is currently circulating on Twitter), but those who did watch it were sent into a tizzy. Some commentators claimed Justin didn’t love Hailey, while others called his behavior embarrassing. Yikes.

On Twitter, though, Beliebers who claim they witnessed the entire situation shared a different story. They said Justin was speaking in a different tone than usual, but only because he was still energized from performing earlier that night.

“I was right there walking behind him and he was not yelling at her,” one stan tweeted. “He had just gotten off stage at the club and was hype and had all this adrenaline. They were both smiling and laughing but of course that’s not the part of the video that gets posted. Stop twisting things.”

The same stan also posted a video of Justin performing “right before [the] video was taken,” and expressed irritation regarding how the pop star is “always painted as the bad guy when he’s the furthest thing from it.”

Another fan claimed Justin was happy when she saw him, tweeting: “My friends and I were with/behind him the whole night, he was in the best mood and was telling [Hailey] a story but ofc internet lames love their lil scenarios <3.”

There you have it — based on these fans’ eyewitness accounts, Justin was not going off on Hailey. Case closed!