Justin Bieber And Ruby Rose Wore Adorable Matching Outfits At The EMAs

by Eitan Levine


Ruby Rose and Justin Bieber's resemblance is uncanny.

I would spend, on average, 30 seconds per episode of “Orange Is the New Black” trying to figure out how J Biebs landed himself in a women's penitentiary before realizing I was actually looking at Ruby.

I don't know if this was intentional or a hilarious coincidence, but the pair threw Ruby Rose fans and those who kind of just put up with Justin for a large gender-fluid loop at the EMAs last night by wearing the same thing during an interview segment.


Ruby Rose and Justin Bieber looked good at #MTVEMA this sunday 👌👌#MTVEMA2015 pic.twitter.com/jSzucFgGDj — LeishaHaileyFanTweet (@LHaileyFanTweet) October 26, 2015
OMFG @RubyRose and @justinbieber 😭 pic.twitter.com/kuqiVz1ajp — Ruby Rose Updates (@rubyupdates1) October 25, 2015
Holy Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber And Ruby Rose Had A Major Twin Moment At The EMAs https://t.co/bOOwL0k5X6 pic.twitter.com/FQzR0n9ZBa — Galore (@TheGaloreMag) October 26, 2015

On purpose? Or was this one big TWINcident?

DYING. @justinbieber @RubyRose #MTVEMA pic.twitter.com/DTXk0kr07E — Ruby Rose Daily (@RubyRoseDaily) October 25, 2015
Juby😍 @RubyRose @justinbieber pic.twitter.com/5xfDAzARae — Ruby Rose Updates (@rubyupdates1) October 26, 2015
faves🔴😍 @justinbieber @rubyrose pic.twitter.com/H0shkiwVZj — tareema | purpose (@reemapops) October 25, 2015

The mayors of Twinneapolis.

Breaking news: @RubyRose and @JustinBieber are not the same person. #MTVEMA 😂 pic.twitter.com/dHN2XHGUYC — Ruby Rose Updates (@rubyitup) October 25, 2015


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