Justin Bieber Posted A Lot Of Really Weird Photos To Promote His Album

It looks like a tattoo of his new album's name was just the beginning of Purpose fever. Justin Bieber is brandishing posts on his Instagram with the word “Purpose” to promote the album's November 13 release.

The pop star's Insta-promos are major signs Purpose is going to rock society like a damn hurricane, and the only way to prepare is to let the change wash over us.

We must let Purpose affect our thoughts. We must let Purpose pervade our language. This is the United States of Purpose.

Hailey Baldwin becomes Purpailey Baldwose.

Netflix and Chill becomes Purpflix and Chose.

Allison and Ryan become Purpison and Rypose.

Laughing Horse becomes Purping Hose.

Curious Baby becomes Purpious Babose.

Bath-time Baby becomes Purp-time Babose.

Devil Baby becomes Purpil Babose.

Justin Bieber spends almost as much time purpmoting his new album as he does googling funny pictures of sweet baboses.