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Justin Bieber Gets Real About Downsides Of Fame And Feeling Depressed


There are tough times for arguably the world's most famous 21-year-old.

In a shockingly touching and extraordinarily depressing interview with NME, Justin Bieber shared his life isn't actually going as well as you probably think.

In fact, the singer, whose new album Purpose comes out tomorrow, admitted he actually struggles with isolation, depression and betrayal because of his fame.

In the interview, set to release this Friday, Bieber said one of the biggest things he deals with is public perception and society holding him to a higher standard than normal kids his age, specifically referencing the way the media treated him during a string of incidents when he was 19.

Daily Mail reports Bieber said,

At one point during the interview, he even makes this painfully heavy comment, comparing himself to Amy Winehouse. He told NME,

In the article, he also talks about his bouts with depression and loneliness. He said,

Yeah, I know. I KNOW. Justin is going through some rough and scary stuff, like, making-me-actually-feel-bad-for-him rough and scary stuff, which is shocking.

It isn't all bad. Justin did say in the interview the making of Purpose, featuring work by Skrillex, Travis Scott and Nas, got him through some tough times.

On top of that, he thanks a recent friendship with Kanye West for helping him with his mental health a little bit.

He said there is nobody in the industry he gets along with more than Kanye. He told NME,

Well, now I feel terrible.

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