Julie Andrews revealed she's never met her 'Bridgerton' co-stars in real life.

This Bridgerton Star Revealed She's Never Actually Met The Rest Of The Cast

Someone needs to throw a ball and get everyone together.

by Dylan Kickham

Every season of Bridgerton includes a few decadent ball scenes where the whole show’s sprawling cast gets together to dance, flirt, and most importantly of all, spill all the gossip in the ton. But it turns out, one of the series’ stars still has an empty dance card. In a recent interview, Julie Andrews revealed she’s never actually met her Bridgerton co-stars, despite narrating the scandalous series for two seasons now.

Andrews dropped the truth bomb during her June 22 appearance on The TODAY Show. When asked about Bridgerton, the legendary actor said, “I’ve never met the company in person. Of course I’d see them on the show sometimes, but I do all my own recording far, far away from them.”

While the admission is a bit of a shock considering how integral Andrews’ narration is to the series, it’s not the most surprising thing ever. After all, Andrews never appears in person on the series — she simply provides the voice for the unseen gossipmonger Lady Whistledown. And although Bridgerton films on location in Andrews’ native U.K., the actor is actually longtime resident of Long Island, New York.

Although she’s never met her fellow Bridgerton team, Andrews went on to say she’s a big fan of all of them, as well as the show in general. “I think it's gorgeous looking, and they're all wonderful in it and they're lovely people to work with,” she said. “Shonda Rhimes and the whole gang down, they're terrific. And I'm thrilled that they asked me.”

Michael Kovac/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In the same interview, Andrews also revealed the line she uses to get into the character of Lady Whistledown when she’s recording her lines. “I don't record everything at one time, so to get back into character again, my first warmup is ‘My name is Lady Whistledown.’ That'll get me back into character,” she said. The introductory statement is the opening line of Bridgerton, so it totally makes sense that it would invoke the Whistledown spirit in Andrews.

Here’s hoping Andrews is able to meet up with the rest of the Bridgerton fam at some point — maybe she could even have an in-person cameo on the show someday? I’m sure she’d be the talk of the ton.