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Fans Are Wondering Who Joshua's Intense New Love Song Is About

I’d like to have a word with them, please!

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Joshua Bassett is having a sad boi summer, y’all. Well, at least it seems like it, based on his latest TikTok, which — OMG — features a brand new snippet of a song he wrote. The track is a lowkey, melancholic heartbreak bop, which fans are totally here for. But like any musician who pens extremely emo love songs, the HTMTMTS star has spurred speculation amongst his audience. Who is Joshua Bassett’s “Never” about, you ask? And does her first name rhyme with Bolivia or Fabrina, per se?

Oh, to be a famous singer-songwriter risking it all — aka any sense of a private love life — for the sake of art. (T-Swift, we thank you for your 15 years of service.) Bassett, especially, is no stranger to fans meddling in his romantic affairs. Ever since his rumored ex-girlfriend (and HTMTMTS co-star), pop-rock songstress Olivia Rodrigo, dropped “drivers license” in January, gossip surrounding his involvement with the Sour artist has been abundant. Then, the rumor mill — mostly ran by speculative Rodrigo and Bassett stans — churned out theories that Bassett left Rodrigo for Disney Channel star Sabrina Carpenter (who only fueled the love triangle gossip when she dropped her clapback track “Skin” that same month).

Needless to say, all eyes and ears are on Bassett’s love life at all times. So, it’s no surprise his July 26 TikTok, featuring a demo version of an unreleased song, had his followers freaking TF out. In the video’s caption, the musician noted the song is called “Never” — a pretty dramatic title, IMO — and he wrote it himself. Swoon!

“I’ve never loved someone like you / I’ve never held and been held too / I’ve never known something so true / I’m never never never getting over you,” Bassett crooned in the clip, which is a screen recording of an audio file. The song sounds super stripped-back, with only a piano instrumental accompanying his voice. But the main focus of the song is definitely Basset’s lyrics. As he sings, his voice cracks with ~passion~ and ~poignance~, and it’s impossible to listen to the narrative of “Never” without getting emotional — regardless of who the song is about.

Still, you might be curious about what ex crushed Bassett’s heart into a million pieces. As always, fans hopped on social media to share their feels. “Is anyone else wondering which one this is about?” TikTok user @k.bludworth29 commented on the video. “Is this about Sabrina or Olivia?? Or me...” another user, @bfiggie, asked. Twitter had some thoughts, too.

Will fans ever find out who “Never” is about? Probably not. The love interest in question could be virtually anyone, TBH — Olivia, Sabrina, an ex we don’t know about, Bassett’s mailman, a Trader Joe’s cashier. The possibilities are endless! What *I* know, though, is that this boy needs to release another album ASAP. We’re waiting, Josh!

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