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'Future Man's Josh Hutcherson On If Hunger Games Could Be Won By Josh

We may all know Josh Hutcherson as Peeta from the dramatic fan favorite The Hunger Games, but he's stepping into comedy with director and executive producer Seth Rogen for the new TV series, Future Man, on Hulu.

In the show, out this fall, Hutcherson plays a character named Josh (confusing, he knows), who is a janitor at a sexual disease research facility by day and a gamer by night. Interesting combo. He's recruited by "mysterious" visitors to travel through time to save the world.

With an action-comedy like this, it begs the question: Would (the character) Josh be able to win The Hunger Games? I asked Hutcherson during press rountables at San Diego Comic-Con and he was quick to answer a resounding HELL NAH. He said,

This character? Absolutely not. No, not a chance. He's not built for fighting. A big part of the show is his anti-violence, anti-killing, conflict-type thing, which kind of gets in the way of their mission to save the world at times. So, no. He would do very poorly, VERY poorly in the arena.

I also got to ask the rest of the cast and creators if they were Team Peeta back when The Hunger Games aired. Eliza Coupe, who plays Tiger in the new series, was an enthusiastic yes. She told me,

I was! I did go back and forth ... [now knowing Josh I'm] 100 percent Team Peeta. Josh is the best. Like, just as a person. He's just a wonderful human being.
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And as for the show's director, Seth Rogen, he wasn't so big on The Hunger Games. He told me,

I've only seen the first... what's the one where at the end they get taken up in the ship? The second one? Yeah, I've only seen those two... but I was blown away by him (laughs).

Future Man premieres on Hulu on November 14.