Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has The Best Advice For His Fellow Weed Smokers (Video)

America's favorite cute cousin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, shared some words of weed-based advice on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" last night, and if you're thinking about toking up in the near future, you should heed his warning.

If you do a movie with Seth Rogen, there is a good chance you'll probably partake in some light recreational drug use. It's kind of like eating cookies when visiting the Entenmann's factory or getting a DVD box set of the first season of “The West Wing” when hanging with Martin Sheen.

Levitt knows first hand about this since he and Rogen worked together on  "50/50."

Gordon-Levitt shared,

Smoke at the end of the day. Wait until the work is done and then enjoy your weed.

High school students, take JGL's advice to heart next time you're presented with a chunk o' weed (is that how it's sold?).

Clear your schedule before you indulge.