Jordan Fisher will appear in 'High School Musical: The Musical: The Series' on Disney+.

OMG, Jordan Fisher Is Gonna Be On HSMTMTS

Can we please get him a duet with Olivia Rodrigo?


This is not a drill: Jordan Fisher is appearing on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. It’s a Disney homecoming for the actor, who previously starred in Liv and Maddie, Teen Beach Movie, and Teen Beach 2. And it turns out he has a Twitter fan to thank for his casting.

On July 20, Disney+ officially confirmed that Fisher will have a guest-starring role in Season 2, Episode 11, debuting Friday, July 23. He plays ambitious theater kid Gina Porter’s (Sofia Wylie) older brother, Jamie, a “talented music producer who surprises his sister at the opening night of East High’s Beauty and the Beast.”

In a sneak peek video clip of the episode, Jamie comes backstage during the intermission to tell Gina she’s killing it, to which she replies, “I learned from the best.” He then breaks the sad news that he won’t be able to stay until curtain call because he has to catch a flight back to Los Angeles, but she just throws her arms around him and tells him it’s good to see his face. He tells “Gigi” that he’s proud of her, and she rushes to get ready for Act 2. (I’m not emotional, you’re emotional!)

Apparently, viewers have the HSMTMTS fandom to thank for making this iconic sibling duo happen. Shortly after Fisher’s casting was announced, Twitter user @jeqIousy tweeted, “Everyone thank me for getting Jordan Fisher on HSMTMTS.” The fan included a screenshot of their previous interaction with Fisher and series writer and executive producer Tim Federle.

“Jordan as the cool counselor that helps Nini and Ricky PLEASE I don’t care he can play whatever character he wants I just need him in HSMTMTS,” the fan previously tweeted under the username @cloudybassetts. Fisher replied to their tweet, writing “Wait I love this.” Then Federle replied to Fisher, saying, “Psst. Check your DMs.”

Fisher also confirmed Twitter helped him land the role. “Started with a Twitter interaction… words can’t express how much I love this show, but mostly this unbelievably talented CAST. Excited for you guys to meet Jamie #HSMTMTS,” he tweeted on July 20.

You can catch Fisher’s scene-stealing turn as Jamie when High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season 2, Episode 11 hits Disney+ on Friday, July 23.