Jon Snow Vs. Littlefinger Theory Confirmed On ‘Game Of Thrones’ & Things Got Real

This post contains spoilers from Game Of Thrones Season 7, Episode 2. 

Since the end of last season, when Jon Snow was made King in the North, fans have been wondering how long until Littlefinger decided to go to war against Jon Snow. Littlefinger is a manipulative character, but when it comes to Sansa he seems to be telling the truth: his ultimate aim is to rule all of Westeros with her by his side. And Jon Snow just got in his way.

But with Sansa walling off Littlefinger's advances and advice, it seemed like Littlefinger was, for the most part, contained. He was attempting to go at the problem via someone who, at least so far, wasn't interested in being his plaything. That all just changed.

Last week, Sansa complained that Jon Snow has failed so far to listen to her. And though Jon seems to be trying to listen to her advice, it's obvious from this week's scene that when push comes to shove (no pun intended) Jon's instincts do not include thinking about what Sansa told him.

In "The Battle of the Bastards" episode last year, Sansa looked Jon dead in the eye and told her that his promises to protect her were empty ones. "No one can protect anyone." And one would have thought, considering what happened with Rickon the next morning, that Jon might have learned that lesson.

But confronted with Littlefinger basically admitting what he wants is to get Sansa's hand in marriage, and knowing what Littlefinger is, Jon instantly snapped back to protector mode and threw Littlefinger against the wall.


As for Littlefinger, this is quite possibly the first humiliating moment for him we've seen since early on in the show, when we saw Ned do exactly the same thing when he misinterpreted Littlefinger's intentions in bringing him to the brothel in King's Landing.

Heck, this might be the first deep humiliation for Littlefinger since Brandon Stark beat him senseless all those years ago when he challenged the older boy for Catelyn's hand. For all his faults, this was Littlefinger admitting his desires the same way he did there, and being slapped down for them.


When Ned threw Littlefinger against the wall, it was the beginning of a slow countdown to Littlefinger having him betrayed and killed. Sansa told Jon Snow he had to be smarter than that. But it looks like he's determined to continue to make the same mistakes. Let's just hope this time, Sansa is there to stop Littlefinger when she realizes the danger Jon is now in.