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The Guy Behind Your Favorite Songs Just Dropped The Album Of The Summer

Jon Bellion might not be a household name...yet. But even if you don't know the name, chances are you've heard his work.

Bellion has major writing credits on Rihanna and Eminem's massive hit, "The Monster," which he won a Grammy for in 2015.

He also co-wrote and produced Jason Derulo's 2014 banger "Trumpets." Remember that song that basically made you fall in love with anyone that was sort of attractive and standing within a half-mile radius of you?

The singer/songwriter from Long Island, New York has, up until today, never released a studio album, though he's been releasing a steady stream of his own songs for free since early 2011. He's also managed to sell out a national tour two years in a row.

To say he's grown an organic following of loyal fans is an understatement. There's an army of loyal Bellion fanatics out there that flock to his shows and get tattoos of his face on their bodies, despite the fact he's never had one of his own songs on the radio and has never had a CD in stores.

The fanbase he's been able to muster up, seemingly out of thin air, is a testament to the dedication he's put into fine-tuning his craft and the genuine belief in putting fans first.

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After years of building a strong foundation within the industry, Bellion has released his first official studio album with Capitol Records, titled "The Human Condition."

The 14-track journey is a dynamic and musically-charged experience that fuses r&b, hip-hop and pop in a way Bellion has seemed to have invented all on his own.

When all your friends are playing this album in their cars and pretending like they've been listening to Jon Bellion for years, don't forget you heard it here first. And be sure to check out the tracks above and below.

You can buy the album here.

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You're welcome in advance.