JoJo Fletcher Gives Advice To 'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay


Competing for love on national television is a unique trauma that only a small percentage of the world understands.

The new star of the upcoming season of “The Bachelorette,” Rachel Lindsay, is fortunate enough to have a predecessor willing to share a few useful tips on surviving the season with her sanity in tact.


Season 12 star JoJo Fletcher praised Rachel to Extra on Tuesday, telling the site,

The dudes competing on “The Bachelorette” definitely need to be put in their place from time to time. (I am obviously talking about you, Chad. You're welcome).

JoJo did warn her successor not to get too caught up in unnecessary details like the guys' hot faces, or ripped backs, or sexy chests, or defined quads or… whatever.

She said,

Oh boy, does it. When you're stuck in a sex mansion lit like a dive bar for six weeks with dude after uncomplicated, broad-shouldered dude, hormones begin to influence the decision-making process.

Rachel even told People she's looking for an “intelligent and ambitious” guy of literally any body type.

That is so many body types. Tall and square. Short and square. Medium and square. The possibilities seem endless.

She told the site,

And you KNOW all these guys will at least be able to curl their lips into a smile. Probably.

Keep your wits about you, Rachel Lindsay. They're top-notch, and you're going to need them.

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