12 Times Johnny Depp Reminded Us He's The Definition Of Perfection (Photos)

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Look outside your window. Do you see that bright light coming from the sky? Some people may think it's just the sun, but really it's the beautiful angel Johnny Depp, illuminating the earth with his splendor.

There he is, soaring through the sky, blessing our world with his presence.

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There's no denying Johnny Depp is a king among men. As a talented actor, writer, producer and musician, he really does it all.

Of course, he also has some ~special~ talents like, um, you know, being the most beautiful man on the planet. In addition, his new movie "Black Mass" premieres today, September 18.

In honor of this new film, let's take a minute to appreciate some of Johnny Depp's most perfect, glorious moments.

Travel back with me to this scene from "Cry-Baby" when Johnny Depp blew the most passionate, perfect kiss and made your hopes and dreams come true.

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You probably remember when a single tear rolled down his cheek, slowly grazing the surface of his perfectly-sculpted jawbone.

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OMG, or when he did this little dance with his hands and everything in the world felt right.

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How about that time he played Jack Sparrow and laid in this intimate, dimly-lit jail cell?

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It's getting hot in here, isn't it?

Or when the wind blew and this happened. Just look at him and take it in. All of it. Every single, sweet second.

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What about when he played Sweeney Todd... didn't you just want to run your fingers through those dark, wild curls?

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You can't forget when he was the mysterious wolf, out in the woods all alone, waiting for you (probably).


Or that time he literally had scissors for hands but somehow still looked sexy AF.


You know it's true.

There was also that moment his body glistened in the sunlight as if it were sculpted by Zeus himself.


AND WHAT ABOUT THOSE PURPLE EYES? Do you see how they sparkle like a thousand stars in the midnight sky?


There was also every single, wonderful time he wore those glasses, and there was pretty much world peace for everyone.

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OK and check him out here. Yeah, you're kind of into it aren't you?

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Let's be real, the list could go on forever. It's clear Johnny Depp defines perfection in every way possible, so we are more than excited to see him star in "Black Mass" on the big screen.

Check out the trailer below to pump. you. up. LOVE YOU, JOHNNY.