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John Oliver Has An Extremely Powerful Message For The Paris Attackers (Video)


John Oliver's glorious, profanity-laced rant to the attackers in response to Friday's Paris attacks was perfect.

TV comedy shows were faced with difficult decisions to make this weekend about whether or not they should continue on with their scheduled broadcasts.

Yes, it is important for the world to continue functioning as it was before the attacks to show the people responsible they can't derail society as a whole, but how do you tastefully go back to that comedy show “normal” when the normal's sole purpose is to make people laugh?

While "Saturday Night Live" may opt for a more solemn response to this quandary -- similar to what the show did after the Sandy Hook shootings -- "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" had a sort of counterweight to this approach, a rallying cry from a studio in New York letting the attackers, members of the Islamic State, know if their intent was to disrupt the culture and lifestyle of France, “good f*cking luck.”

In his rant, Oliver said,

He ended the speech with a heartwarming reminder that although we all mourn with the people of France, life must go on. He said,

Good f*cking luck, ISIS.

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