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John Hersey in 'The Bachelorette' Season 17.

There’s A New Pilot In Town On The Bachelorette

This thrill-seeker could be a major contender for Katie’s heart.

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Pilots have been a sensitive subject in Bachelor Nation ever since Pilot Pete’s... um, *eventful* Bachelor season. But fear not! The pilot-in-training vying for Katie Thurston’s heart just might be the breath of fresh air the franchise needs. Say hello to The Bachelorette’s newest pilot, John Hersey.

The 27-year-old is a California boy through and through. Although John is from Pacific Beach, his Insta bio reveals he currently lives in San Diego, where he’s fully embraced the surfer dude lifestyle with some enviable wave-riding skills. His official occupation is listed as bartender, but as his official Bachelorette bio reveals, he’s currently training to become a pilot. And let me be clear: John is very down to explore the open sky in and out of the cockpit. One peek at his Instagram page reveals he’s a big fan of skydiving, so hopefully one of this season’s more adrenaline-inducing dates will get Katie and John’s hearts pumping in all the right ways.

When he’s not jumping out of planes, this Bachelorette suitor is exploring his softer side. According to his bio, he dreams of finding someone to share a burrito with while watching the sun set over the California coastline. Honestly, John, who doesn’t? And if you do a little digging on Insta, you’ll find sweet pics of him and his parents, with whom John seems to have a particularly close bond. If he makes it to hometowns, they’ll almost definitely make an appearance. Another loved one who viewers will hopefully get to see? His adorable dog, who needs their own Instagram account immediately.

Outside of burrito dates, John’s dream woman certainly sounds a lot like Katie. His bio says he’s into confident women who unabashedly pursue their passions every day, and anyone who watched Matt James’ Bachelor season can attest Katie has those qualities. John and the Bachelorette also have one important thing in common: They have zero tolerance for people who disrespect others. Katie was the voice of reason during Matt’s drama-filled season, and no matter how her season plays out, it’s clear she and John have plenty of power couple potential. So look out, Bachelor Nation: There’s a new pilot in town.

Season 17 of The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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