Cancer Patient's Mother Writes Emotional Letter Thanking JK Rowling

by Anna Menta
Getty Images

There's nothing fictional about the magic of "Harry Potter," not when it touched so many lives in very real ways.

Just see, for example, this letter Chrissy Hart, a mother of a cancer patient, wrote to JK Rowling. In the letter, Chrissy described how the world of "Potter" taught both her and her daughter so much and provided a place to escape to amid such a painful struggle.

She wrote,

Mrs Rowling, cancer threatened to take everything from my daughter, and your books turned out to be the fortress we so desperately needed to hide in.

It's incredibly moving, and not just a little tragic, because Chrissy's daughter died from her cancer last week, according to Huffington Post.

The letter surfaced on social media after being read aloud by actress Ellie Bamber for the annual performance of Letters Live in London, which began last week.

Read the full letter below.

Dear J. K. Rowling, I write to you as a mother, a Mummy, of a beautiful little girl. I'm sure you hear people tell you all the time that your words, your imagination helped them, or their children, in some way. Maybe they were helped out of depression by your works, maybe they drew strength from the knowledge that Neville grew up to be a hero against all odds, maybe you taught a bookish boy that there are friends to be found between the pages of a novel. I want to share with you what you taught my daughter, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. When I read her your stories, she didn't take to the clear distinction between good and evil, but instead loved the grey characters. You taught her that for every chemo she has to go through, there will be the opportunity to fly across a lake on a hippogriff. For every time her heart seizes with fear of pain, there will be me chasing it away with a Patronus Charm. Your words built a castle for her to move into when the prognosis got worse. Mrs Rowling, cancer threatened to take everything from my daughter, and your books turned out to be the fortress we so desperately needed to hide in. And the things you taught me? You made me [realize] that a mother's courage might come in the form of her tears. I might not have the physical ability to block her from what will take her away from me, but I can be loving and gentle like Molly, stoic in my affection like Minerva, protective and loyal like Hermione, and waiting to welcome her home like Lily. But the most important lesson you have taught us both: cancer may take her away from me in just a few short weeks. I might not be able to spare her the pain. But for every child that is taken too early, people will come together, huddling close in a big group, wands held high to light the dark sky with the love they felt. You built Hogwarts as a home for her to return to. And for me. For that I shall remain forever gratefully yours, Chrissy

It's amazing to see the power of literature at work. All the best to Chrissy in this difficult time. You and your daughter are both true Gryffindors for your bravery.

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