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Cancer Patient's Mother Writes Emotional Letter Thanking JK Rowling


There's nothing fictional about the magic of "Harry Potter," not when it touched so many lives in very real ways.

Just see, for example, this letter Chrissy Hart, a mother of a cancer patient, wrote to JK Rowling. In the letter, Chrissy described how the world of "Potter" taught both her and her daughter so much and provided a place to escape to amid such a painful struggle.

She wrote,

It's incredibly moving, and not just a little tragic, because Chrissy's daughter died from her cancer last week, according to Huffington Post.

The letter surfaced on social media after being read aloud by actress Ellie Bamber for the annual performance of Letters Live in London, which began last week.

Read the full letter below.

It's amazing to see the power of literature at work. All the best to Chrissy in this difficult time. You and your daughter are both true Gryffindors for your bravery.

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