JK Rowling Reveals Magical Details On Three New Wizarding Schools

The “Harry Potter” series may have ended years ago, but the magical universe keeps on expanding.

On Friday, JK Rowling dropped details about three wizarding schools never before discussed in the “Harry Potter” books: Mahoutokoro in Japan, Castelobruxo in Brazil and Uagadou in Africa.

The schools, Rowling explained, are three of 11 official wizarding institutions across the globe. Like Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons, each specialize in — and are famous for — different forms of magic.

Uagadou, for example, is the largest wizarding school in the world. Students who attend the thousand-year-old institution are trained in wandless magic and specialize in ancient studies such as alchemy and self-transfiguration.

Mahoutokoro, by contrast, is the smallest wizarding school. With no dormitories for students, Rowling explains,

Wizarding children are flown back and forth to their homes every day on the backs of a flock of giant storm petrels.

Castelobruxo, which accepts young witches and wizards from all over South America, places a heavy emphasis on the studies of herbology and magizoology. The Brazilian school also offers a popular exchange program for European witches and wizards looking to further their magical educations.

In addition to the three aforementioned schools, Rowling named the American wizarding school, which may be further detailed in the upcoming film “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.”

Check out Rowling's fascinating new writings over at Pottermore, and stay tuned for details on the remaining five wizarding schools.

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