Jeremy Allen White revealed his favorite 'The Bear' meme compares Carmy to Gene Wilder.

Jeremy Allen White’s Fave The Bear Meme Is Wilder Than You Can Imagine

Yep, he’s apparently seen your thirst tweets.


Jeremy Allen White may not have Twitter, but even that couldn’t save him from the deluge of memes and thirst tweets his The Bear character, Carmy, inspired after the culinary drama hit FX and Hulu at the end of June. Fans adopted the show’s authoritative chef-speak, reacted to that unbearably stressful seventh episode, and showed their love for their fave characters. The response was so huge, it even reached Twitter-less White, who finally revealed his favorite The Bear meme in a recent interview.

White got real about the viral response to his stressed-out chef character in an Aug. 3 interview with InStyle. When asked about the best meme he’s seen come from The Bear fans, White admitted that while he doesn’t have Twitter, he’s stumbled across some of the viral posts, and one in particular made him laugh.

“Yeah I’ve been made aware of some of the stuff out there,” White said. “There’s one in particular: Everyone’s decided I look a lot like Gene Wilder, which I agree. But I guess someone called me ‘ketamine Gene Wilder.’ Or, called Carmy ‘ketamine Gene Wilder,’ which I thought was weird and funny.”

White is referring to a July 6 tweet, which quickly went viral as The Bear became a hit.

And thanks to White’s The Bear co-star Ayo Edebiri, fans also know exactly how he found out about the meme. In her July 21 interview with The Face, Edebiri revealed that the more-online cast members will frequently send thirst tweets and memes about White to their group chat, including that “ketamine Gene Wilder” post.

“I’m so sorry to Jeremy, but we sometimes send him stuff about people thirsting after him in the group chat, and he gets really mad at us,” Edebiri said. “There was this one that called him ‘ketamine Gene Wilder.’ That poor man! He’s so normal and so devoted to his wife and children. Poor man… I’m sorry but it’s true.”

Well, whether or not White likes the attention, the memes are not going to stop anytime soon. FX and Hulu have renewed The Bear for a second season, which means more dishes, more drama, and more memes are going to be served up in the near future.