Jennifer Aniston Speaks Out About Those Pregnancy Rumors In One Epic Letter


Jennifer Aniston had a lot to say after addressing pregnancy rumors in a lengthy blog post published on The Huffington Post on Tuesday.

Not only did Aniston shoot down the bizarre rumors, but the actress also took the opportunity to address a multitude of issues she's fed up with, including the vile way in which the media portrays her and the inhumane tactics often used by tabloids to sell their heavily fabricated stories challenging women with "objectification and scrutiny."

In the nearly 1,000-word essay titled "For The Record," Aniston started off by writing,

For the record, I am not pregnant. What I am is fed up. I'm fed up with the sport-like scrutiny and body shaming that occurs daily under the guise of 'journalism,' the 'First Amendment' and 'celebrity news.'

After clearing the air regarding the 47-year-old actress's false pregnancy rumors, she continued,

We use celebrity 'news' to perpetuate this dehumanizing view of females, focused solely on one's physical appearance, which tabloids turn into a sporting event of speculation. Is she pregnant? Is she eating too much? Has she let herself go? Is her marriage on the rocks because the camera detects some physical 'imperfection'?

After tying the knot last August, Jennifer Aniston had been vacationing with husband Justin Theroux in the Bahamas when she was photographed by paparazzi wearing a bikini. That's when the rumors started swirling that the Emmy Award winner might be having a "miracle baby" in her late 40s.

I used to tell myself that tabloids were like comic books, not to be taken seriously, just a soap opera for people to follow when they need a distraction. But I really can't tell myself that anymore because the reality is the stalking and objectification I've experienced first-hand, going on decades now, reflects the warped way we calculate a woman's worth.

Even if you're not a celebrity or globally-known public figure, it isn't hard to relate to Aniston's stance. We all have mothers, don't we?!

Throughout the scathing essay, Aniston reveals the hard realities women face every day because of the same type of objectification and dehumanization spread around on a daily basis.

And besides, how would you feel if someone snapped a photo of you while you were simply trying to relax and began labeling you as the newest pregnant celebrity? It probably wouldn't feel too good -- especially when you're NOT pregnant and the only thing bloating your stomach is that burger you had for lunch...

I resent being made to feel 'less than' because my body is changing and/or I had a burger for lunch and was photographed from a weird angle and therefore deemed one of two things: 'pregnant' or 'fat.' Not to mention the painful awkwardness that comes with being congratulated by friends, coworkers and strangers alike on one's fictional pregnancy (often a dozen times in a single day).

The lengthy post ends with Aniston hoping that one day, the readers and fans of these destructive tabloids will stop fueling the fire.

We get to decide how much we buy into what's being served up, and maybe some day the tabloids will be forced to see the world through a different, more humanized lens because consumers have just stopped buying the bullshit.

And the award for effectively getting the point across and putting haters in their places goes to Jennifer Joanna Aniston.

*mic drop*

Read the full blog entry here.

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