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Jared Leto Looks So F*cking Creepy In These New Photos Of Him As Joker

Not too long ago, we were blessed with news Jared Leto will play the Joker in the upcoming film "Suicide Squad."

A trailer was released a few months ago, and it was probably the greatest thing my eyes ever saw. Ever since that moment, I've been searching for any updates I can get about Jared Leto's role.

He's just a phenomenal actor who knows how to mold into any character he takes on. Just thinking about him in "Dallas Buyers Club" seriously gives me chills. Ugh, he's great.

Anyway, Jack Napier uploaded new photos of the Joker to Facebook this morning, and let me just say they're awesome.

Check out these babies below and prepare to be amazed.

Leto is on the cover of Empire magazine as the Joker.


This photo captured an actual scene from the movie.


"Suicide Squad" cannot come soon enough. Seriously.


With the photos, Napier added a caption, saying,

Ladies and gentlemen feast on this glory! The Joker, played by Jared Leto, on the cover of Empire magazine. Photos from 'Suicide Squad' film. Can't wait to see this 20+ year seasoned Joker! He's the guy who already killed Robin, put Barbara Gordon in a wheelchair, etc!

The film comes out next summer, so unfortunately, we have some waiting to do. But, at least we have these photos to keep us from going completely insane.