Jason Derulo Actually Admitted How Many People He's Slept With At Once (Video)

You're about to witness one of the craziest car rides of all time. Are you ready?

For an episode of his "Carpool Karaoke" segment, James Corden picked up Jason Derulo, and the two of them took an epic drive through Los Angeles.

Corden and Derulo really did it all -- from singing some of Derulo's songs to making their own music video. They even stop at a gas station so Derulo can teach Corden some moves he can use in the club. It's beyond hilarious.

At one point, things get a little personal when Corden asks Derulo how many people he's ever slept with in bed at once. Check out the video above to find out his answer.

Here's a hint: He apparently has a big bed, and it's in the shape of a circle. Who knew?

Now, go watch and be prepared to laugh hysterically.

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