How To Get Insanely Jacked So You Can Flex Everywhere Like Terry Crews

by Julian Sonny

It's getting cold, but that's no excuse to start slacking on your fitness.

As a matter of fact, it's even more of a reason to start hitting the gym so by the time spring comes around, you'll be extra gucci.

But don't just train your ass off to accentuate the muscles you were born with. Train like Terry Crews so your traps look like mountains and your biceps rip through every shirt you own.

At 47 years old, Crews has been typecast as the brolic yet sensitive dude, and his workouts are insane.

But before that, he was a linebacker in the NFL and could've probably played a few other sports professionally if he wanted to.

His dedication in the gym earned him a job as host of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" and classic movie roles like Latrell Spencer in "White Chicks." Those Old Spice ads are something else, too.

Being in great shape for the health benefits is one thing, but being able to rip your shirt off at any given moment and flex on every soul in the room is essential in these times.

Maybe you'll never be as jacked as Terry Crews but, dammit, you can try.

Terry Crews has by, far one, of the most impressive physiques in all of Hollywood.

That's because he does sh*t in the gym you've never even seen before.

He also looks absolutely ridiculous while doing it.

One of the most important exercises in his regimen is deadlifts. Here's Terry doing 500 pounds... twice!

However, it's his special "24s" workout, (four exercises, six reps each) that works his core, shoulders and lower body. He uses it to train for every movie.

Here's your guide to Terry's workout: With absolutely no breaks between sets, you start off with some upright rows.

Follow that with a power clean without letting the bar hit the floor.

Then, bring your feet in closer for some Romanian deadlifts

Finish that with jump squats and you'll be completely dead.

Also, this is in addition to cardio every day. Terry runs 7.0 mph for a half an hour, totaling 3.5 miles.

But dieting is the most important part to his fitness. He only eats an apple and his vitamins for breakfast.

An hour after his workout he has a protein shake, and two hours later he eats some yogurt and granola.

For lunch, he keeps it simple and eats a chicken salad.

He has another protein shake for an afternoon snack, and for dinner it's nothing but some clean chicken breast.

It's not an easy lifestyle, but if you do it, you could look like this. Maybe.