J Law Totally Fooled Interviewer Who Was Actually Trying To Prank Her (Video)

Everyone knows Jennifer Lawrence is great at three things: being David O. Russell's muse, falling… and pranks?

When Ian Hecox, half of the Web sketch comedy pair SMOSH, sat down for an interview with Lawrence, the plan was to have Hecox's partner, Anthony Padilla, feed him lines for an all-around ridiculous interview their guest would never see coming.

But, the “Hunger Games” heroine and her costars Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth teamed up with SMOSH fan Dylan Miceli-Nelson to turn things around and prank her interviewer in the name of Defy Media's #PrankItFWD campaign.

The #PrankItFWD initiative guarantees for every 1,000 views its videos receive, as well as any mentions or shares that use the hashtag, $1 is donated to the nonprofit Do Something.

Now, if only #PrankItFWD donated a dollar for every cold bead of sweat that rolled down the SMOSH guys' faces when J Law started playing fast and loose with the crossbow.

Smosh on YouTube

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