'The White Lotus' fans think Rachel may be undercover.

This Theory About Rachel On The White Lotus Is A Game-Changer

Could she be hiding a huge secret?


The White Lotus is filled with eccentric characters, but the one viewers really have on their radar is Rachel Patton, the newlywed journalist coming to terms with the unexpected downsides of marrying into a world of privilege. Rachel seems to be at the center of the show’s puzzling death mystery, with prominent theories positing that she may be the person who ends up dead in the finale. But that’s not the only theory she’s inspired. Some fans think the real twist of The White Lotus will reveal Rachel is undercover, working on some sort of exposé about Shane’s family.

For the most part, Rachel has been defined by her journalism career on The White Lotus. After realizing what she thought was a puff piece about fellow resort guest Nicole Mossbacher had actually offended the CFO, Rachel began to question her talents. Her new husband Shane was no help; he continually reminded her that she can put work behind her now that she married rich. As the series has continued, Rachel has become more and more disillusioned about her what her professional calling could be... but some fans think that’s all a ruse.

A theory that’s been bouncing around Reddit claims there’s more to Rachel than she’s letting on. Some think she’s actually working on a buzzy exposé about hew new husband and in-laws. “She married Shane so she could embed herself with his family and write a scathing article about them to further her career as a journalist,” Reddit user @NegativeGee posted. Similarly, @MConnnolly1192 theorized she’s a private investigator or working with the FBI to gather evidence against the Patton family.


She may even have the Mossbachers in her sights as well. Rachel notably approached two members of the wealthy family to make a connection, but ended up being rebuffed by both Olivia and Nicole. If she really is at the White Lotus secretly hoping to find some dirt on rich families to dish on in a hit piece, then she would certainly try to dig into the Mossbachers’ internal drama.

TBH, there isn’t too much hard evidence to suggest this theory about Rachel could be true, but it’s definitely something fun to keep in your head as you continue to search for clues in each new episode of The White Lotus, which release on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max.