Is Harry Styles' "Little Freak" about Taylor Swift? Fans have theories.

Harry Styles' Fans Think This Harry's House Song Is About Taylor Swift

Swifties, assemble!

by Daffany Chan
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Harry Styles’ long-awaited third album, Harry's House, finally dropped on May 20, and the record is already getting plenty of rave reviews from critics and fans. The 13 new songs capture moments in Styles’ life since his last album, Fine Line, was released in 2019. But there's one tune in particular that’s stirring conversation: "Little Freak." Since “Little Freak” is all about an ex, a lot of listeners got to wondering: Is Harry Styles’ “Little Freak” about Taylor Swift? Let’s go over why the song is spawning so many theories.

It’s fair to say fans have been loving Styles’ new album, Harry’s House, ever since it was released on May 20. There are 13 new tracks, including “Late Night Talking,” “Music Sushi Restaurant,” and “Matilda.” But one song, “Little Freak,” is getting plenty of attention from fans, due to the fact that it’s all about a mysterious ex. In the tune, Styles reflects on how he jumped into a relationship, singing, “I disrespected you / Jumped in feet first and I landed too hard.” Now, he’s nostalgic about his previous lover: “I'm not worried about where you are / Or who you will go home to / I'm just thinking about you.”

Styles hasn’t commented on who “Little Freak” is about, but fans have an inkling that the mysterious lover in the tune is Taylor Swift. Redditors have been sharing their theories on the Harry’s House lyrics discussion thread, along with the clues in the lyrics of “Little Freak” that they believe point to Swift. Probably the clearest connection to Swift is the line in “Little Freak” that goes, “Your delicate point of view.” As we all know, Taylor Swift’s song “Delicate” is also about falling in love. Fans also think that the lyrics of “Little Freak” have the same mystical vibe as Swift’s recent releases Folklore and Evermore, like the shoutouts to a “starry haze” and “crystal ball,” and even sound like something Swift would create.

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Another standout lyric is when Styles sings about “a broken ankle” in the third verse. Hardcore Styles and Swift fans know that the couple got seriously injured in a snowmobile accident when they were dating, so the lyric may be a reference to that.

Given all the possible connections, Stylers and Swifties are convinced “Little Freak” is all about the decade-old romance.

Though the Swift theory hasn’t been confirmed, it’s safe to say that the internet is buzzing about the potential connection.