This Iron Throne Theory Has Us Questioning Everything We Know About 'GOT'

by Ani Bundel

This season on Game of Thrones was one that was very different from other seasons, and not just because of length. After so many years of subverting fantasy tropes, we had our first season where everyone played it straight. The Evil Queen was just evil. The Heroes survived ridiculous odds. Named Characters all lived, save a few scheduled executions. The Lovers fell in love. But will it stay that way? Or will Jon and Dany fight for the Iron Throne?

The big twist at the end of the season was one everyone has seen coming since episode 5: Jon Snow is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. He's the legitimate son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. His name is even Aegon Targaryen, which is one held by several generations of Targaryen kings before him.

Dany has believed herself to be the last living blood of the dragon. One might hope for a happy ending, her overjoyed to realize she has family in this world beyond just herself. But this is Game of Thrones. It's fantasy with a large dose of realism, and people don't work that way in reality. In reality, when something comes along that shatters the very foundations of who they are, and their rightful place in the world... they don't react well at all.

Dany has worked her entire life to rule Westeros. She's believed ever since she was born, that she was the rightful heir to the throne -- especially once she realized how weak and pathetic Viserys was. And now this man, who tricked her into falling in love... is going to take it all away, by virtue of being male and a few bits of paper?

She is focused on revenge on the Night King for killing her dragon. But she assumes when this is done, she gets Westeros. If that goes away, how badly will she respond? This is going to be a break up of epic proportions, even if it is a temporary one. (Will Jon get Rhaegal in the division of things? One almost suspects if he does, it will be a further blow to her.)

Does Jon even want the Iron Throne? (We suspect no.) But there are many who might switch from Dany to Jon instantly upon learning this, and insist he fight for it. After all, he can marry a woman and start breeding a new dynasty. Without a miracle in her barren womb, Dany can't.

Martin has always said the ending of Game of Thrones would be bittersweet. A breakup between Westeros' brand new first couple, with no clear resolution before one (or both) of them dies would certainly send the show in that direction.