The Internet Is Freaking Out Over The 'Game Of Thrones' Finale


George R.R. Martin is a real dick.

Just like all of Facebook, Twitter and every conversation you'll hear in the office today, this post is essentially one big "Game of Thrones" spoiler.

Look away if you don't want the show completely ruined.

OK? Are they gone? Good.

JON SNOW?! REALLY?! THEY KILLED JON SNOW?! What the hell is that crap?! You've got some nerve, R.R., some real nerve.

After Jon got stabbed by a series of Night's Watch dudes during the season five finale, the Internet exploded with people who wanted to yell from the rooftops -- but resorted to social media because it was the middle of the night, and it would've woken up the neighbors.

Also, there was this awkward moment.

Watching this show is like being in the most one-sided relationship of all time.

Every episode is like a Night's Watch dagger to the stomach.

I just can't quit you, George. I just can't quit you.

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