Imaginary Open Letter From George R.R. Martin About Why He Kills Every Character You Love

Hey everyone! Here's an open letter from "A Song of Ice and Fire" writer George R.R. Martin explaining why so many people die in "Game of Thrones," the show based on his book.

Just kidding. The letter's not actually from him, but it is the funniest thing I've read all week.

If you're unaware, a lot of people die in "Game of Thrones." Like a lot a lot. But fake George R.R. Martin makes some good points about that.

People don't die for no good reason in the show or the books. They die because they screwed up or were too prideful or greedy. Basically, everyone dies for a reason.

What's more, Martin doesn't kill characters nearly as wantonly as someone like Shakespeare did. Fake George Martin writes,

Let's just say Macbeth makes the Red Wedding look like a bridal shower.

Good point there, impostor George R.R. Martin. Not to mention, the Bible kills off way more people than "Game of Thrones" ever has.

Forget Robb Stark or Oberyn. The Bible freaking kills off Jesus. You don't see people going apesh*t about that on Twitter every Sunday.

Check out the hilarious letter below:

H/T: 9gag, Photo Courtesy: Getty Images