'Game Of Thrones' Has Killed Off This Many Characters

Sure, all men must die. But HOW many men is that exactly?

Since its premiere, "Game of Thrones" has been a straight-up horny blood bath.

Occasionally, the writers do throw some story points into episodes, but let's be real, that's not the focus of the show.

The focus is to give you as many alternating shots of graphic non-genital-showing sex and bloody death scenes as possible.

The same can be said for "The Walking Dead."

Like, yeah, I guess there is a plot in the show, and I'm sure some viewers have a connection to the characters, but let's be real: You're watching the show because you wanna see some dope zombie carnage, not to enjoy a concrete weekly three-act structure.

One brave graphic designer named Nantes Rykaart decided to undertake the massive task of figuring out just how much carnage has actually happened on both shows.

So he did some research and threw together an insanely thorough chart analyzing the death totals of the first five seasons of both series.

The results are insane.


As you can tell by the chart, "Game of Thrones" is more invested in killing off crucial members of its show than "The Walking Dead."

Since the first episode, "GoT" has axed 19 main characters, 44 side characters, 546 background players and 95 non-humans.

"The Walking Dead," on the other hand, goes for mass death over quality.

While only 13 main characters, 35 side characters and a handful of background actors have been killed off the show, an insane 1,007 non-human characters (both zombie and random animals, I guess) have been off'd since episode one.

The final on-screen death totals are 704 for "Game of Thrones" and *ding ding ding "WINNER!"* a whopping 1,216 for "The Walking Dead."

Mashable reports Rykaart, who delivers pizza when he isn't in graphic design classes, got his data from The Washington Post's articles on "GoT" and "The Walking Dead," with occasional help from "The Walking Dead" Wiki.

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