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7 Holiday Movies On HBO Max To Watch For Ultimate Cheer

Happy streaming.

by Ani Bundel
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Many people think HBO Max only has the TV shows and movies that air on HBO. It's an easy mistake to make due to the streamer's name. But the “Max” part of the streamer’s title does some heavy lifting; it refers to all of the Warner Media holdings, including the Warner Bros. Pictures library and all of Turner Classic Movies. That means there are tons of holiday-themed options for viewers to discover. Even better, holiday movies on HBO Max are gathered under their own subgenre for easy searching.

HBO Max has brought in a slew of high-profile Warner Bros. Pictures releases over the past several months, making it a go-to for fans of DC films and major blockbuster releases. But the movie library available on HBO Max is extensive, stretching back decades. Super old-school classics like A Christmas Carol, Holiday Affair, and Meet Me In St. Louis are all available to subscribers, along with more modern holiday films, like the original eight Harry Potter movies (which, yes, totally count as holiday fare).

For those looking for some of the best holiday classics to watch (or to rewatch), HBO Max has you covered. Here's a list of some of the most exciting holiday classics collected on HBO Max for the season.



In what is quite possibly the best modern classic Christmas film of the early 21st century, Will Ferrell stars as Buddy The Elf. He's a human raised by elves at the North Pole, who now must reintegrate with an American society long on the bah-humbugs and teach them to believe in Santa again.


8-Bit Christmas

HBO Max's big title for the 2021 Thanksgiving holiday is a throwback holiday story set in the 1980s. Based on the book of the same name by Kevin Jakubowski, the film stars Neil Patrick Harris as a father reminiscing about his childhood quest to get a Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas.


The Polar Express

This Christmas classic is a family-favorite and one of the Tom Hanks films that helped him go from beloved comedian to America's dad. The motion-capture animation of the 1995 children's book stars Hanks in multiple roles in this magical train ride to the North Pole.


Black Christmas

Black Christmas is here to add the slasher aspect for those who think the holidays are a horror show. The 2019 film is a sequel to the 2006 reboot and a loose remake of the original 1974 version. Produced by Get Out's Jason Blum, it stars 28 Day Later's Imogen Poots and Charmed's Aleyse Shannon as two characters trying to survive the holidays.


Jack Frost

For those looking for more of a tear-jerker, this story of a family who lost their father, only for him to come back as a snowman called Jack Frost, is a must-watch. Michael Keaton stars as the father who becomes a 1990s era CGI snowman to spend one last Christmas playing hockey with his son.



The 1980s hit that taught us the importance of regulated feeding times, Gremlins is about the tiny adorable monsters who run wild across a small town on Christmas Eve. That officially makes it a Christmas movie and one of the best black comedies for the whole family to cackle along with together.


A Christmas Story

Remember how I noted earlier that HBO Max now includes everything Turner Classic Movies-related? Do you know what airs for 24-hours straight on the Turner-owned TBS from Christmas Eve to Christmas Day? That's right, A Christmas Story. Now, fans don't have to wait for Dec. 24 to begin the marathon; Ralphie and his desire for the Red Ryder are available anytime on HBO Max.

Viewers can find HBO Max’s full lineup of holiday titles streaming this year on its Holiday Movies page.

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