Hodor From 'Game Of Thrones' Has An Insane Hidden Talent


Season six of "Game of Thrones" delivered more deaths than we can remember, but the toughest death to cope with was undoubtedly that of the beloved Hodor.

I still have nightmares of the big man standing there holding the door while those creepy little fuckers ripped away at him.

#YouMayKnowMeFrom Hodor Hodor Hold The Door pic.twitter.com/EfxvPOXfkf — Gretel Armstrong (@SugarGretel) July 18, 2016

Anyway, Hodor may not be making an appearance in season seven of "Game of Thrones" next summer, but as you can see in the video above, he did turn up at San Diego Comic-Con. And when I say "turn up," I really mean turn up.

As far as hidden talents go, the one Hodor, played by actor Kristian Nairn, possesses is pretty insane. Nairn reportedly took to the DJ booth at the Nylon After-Con party Thursday, and his performance was nothing short of amazing.

Nairn had the crowd bumping during the "Rave of Thrones," and the only thing he held -- you know I had to -- was everyone's undivided attention.

I have an idea. How about we get Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon) to do his thing on vocals while Hodor (Kristian Nairn) holds it down -- again, you knew this was coming -- behind him on the ones and twos.

Now that's a concert I would pay anything to see.